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Please remember guys that playing a game with durable rubber keypads is essential. It is a lot more comfortable in the hands that can outlast hours of playing. Special keypads can be purchased at stores or if you want to have your own molded, you can get it from a trusted custom silicone rubber keypad manufacturer who mastered the expertise in compression molding.

[Holy CRAP!]


To commemorate figuring out the password again (Thanks Val!) I updated the message board link, took out some dead stuff, and threw AoG into the links section. Yay fun. And stuff.

What I really need to do is get those damn pictures out of that bar on the right. It's not really "gaming news" or whatever when the game's been out for years.

In summary: I like funnel cakes.

Daemon Vower



[Moving Yet Again]


Allow me to direct you to our newest site, the RPG Realm! The site has moved there since my last update, and there is now an OB64 section up thanks to Great Dane. So go and check it out, and be sure to stop by the new message board!

Valkyrie XII



[Breaking records]


Looks like I'm going on four months here >_<. Sorry guys. In actuality, I really have been updating, but at our new home,! We've actually been there for a while, but as we all know, I am horribly delinquent. But better late than never ^^;;. So please update your bookmarks, and check out the new site.

Valkyrie XII



[Long time no see]


Wow, two months since my last update. I've been lazy, and for that I apologize. But I've been reminded of my duties, and to help compensate, I've cooked up a probably temporary Cheats/Codes page, and have given the main page of the Walkthroughs a facelift. I'll be working on formatting the existing walkthroughs, and again I'll see what I can do about the missing ones. There -is- one new walkthrough up for the alternate final level, Calibur, courtesy of a nice guy you may remember named Dav. Anyway, the site seems to be stuck in limbo, so as for any readers out there, we'll keep you informed.

Valkyrie XII



[Look, mommy, another update!]


Hey, how ya doin. I got what walkthrus we do have hooked up with some frames help from CDP. Thanks, man! Chaps 1 and 2 are up, but it looks like the prologue got deleted and Chaps 3 and 4 never existed. I'm looking into getting more, but if anyone out there would care to write the rest that would make me very happy. I think Rahvin said he might, I'll talk to him. Look at this, 2 updates in 3 days, arent I amazing?

Daemon Vower



[Look what I can do!]


woooo! I'm BACK! Yes, thats right, the great DV is making his first update since his abdication nearly... um... a bunch of months. Am I cool or what? Now, to business (To business! *glasses clink*). First issue: Elections. That's right, its that time of year again! Although final details have yet to be hammered, they will most likely take place between July 5 and 12. Little late notice, yes, but shut up and deal with it. Issue 2: LastOne is a big fat liar. OK, maybe he's not really fat, I don't know, but he still gave himself credit for original site design. I'll have to fix that. Does anyone know the name of the guy that REALLY actually originally made this place? I heard there was someone before Old Webby. Gimmie an EMail. Next on the agenda: I'm updating the contacts list. This is good news for those of you that retired but are still getting EMails.

Daemon Vower



[Still here...]


We're moving back here for the time being, until we can get a new layout together. Also in the future: full coverage on Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Pardon our dust, and thanks for your patience ^^;;.

Valkyrie XII



[ Moving and Expanding!]


THE OGRE BATTLE DOMAIN IS MOVING!! We are now located at Tactics Ogre Domain and at a new Ogre Battle Domain




[ More Formatted Pages]


Formatted the Gameshark pages, and finished formatting the Numbers/Stats pages. I still have a few more pages to format, and some to re-format, and some corrections to make as well. Please help me out and report any errors that you might come across- I'd really appreciate it.

Valkyrie XII



[ Formatted Pages]


Just updated quite a few old pages, and put them in the newer format. I revamped the Weapons and Armor pages, and am planning to give a few other pages the same treatment.
And guess what? All the links in the sidebar are now functional! Though the destinations of said links may not be so functional, at least it's a start []. More to come...
[UPDATE: I am an idiot. That is all.]

Valkyrie XII



[ Olle!]


Hello!:) I'm Sty! My job is to drink Dr Pepper!=) I don't do much more than that other than serve as a punching bag.:( I think that's about all I have to say at this moment.=\ Now then, if you don't mind I must go back into hiding.O_o See ya!>=)
Well, Lastone says I have no freedom to express myself with the colors of my choosing... May I at least keep my name how it is now??? Big Spoil Sport! Just Kidding! Oh well... Back to boring colors and unoriginallity!:p Ok, now for breaking news!O:) I will be working on the Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen section. Anyone interested in helping should email me at Well I think I've said more than is mentally safe for a person of my unique condition! So Bye Bye!=D




[ Reporting for Duty]


Greetings and Salutations! I am Valkyrie XII, also known as Val, and I'm your newest OBD staff member. Some of you may know me from the message board, where I serve as a administrator. I like RPGs, chocolate, and long walks on the beach [_].
My first contribution is an updated and revised Starting Off page. We'll be settling down here for the time being, so expect lots more updated pages soon.

Valkyrie XII



[ Update]


Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I've been very busy. I know alot of the pages are down or not formatted correctly. Since we are looking for a new host and our current one doesn't support our real website, I am hesitant to put up all the pages here. Don't fret, we are far from dead! The Ogre Battle Domain will be around for ever! (If you know a good FREE host with ASP, be sure to contact me.)




[ Good News!]


First off all, I'm sorry I didn't wish everyone a Happy New Year earlier, I've been busy updating the site! Alot of updates are in the works, including a brand new chat (link in menubar). Come in around 7 EST for we hold DAILY TRIVIA contests! Stay tuned for alot more updating. We are even in the works of finsing a new server to accomodate us fully. Keep watching here for updates! WOW! Look at our hit count skyrocket. I just put that counter up a few weeks ago and we already have 2000 hits! Well now, happy Ogre Battling and be sure to check out our message board (A link is on the menubar)!




[ Kicking it into high gear!]


I am now the Webmaster/Head Admin of Ogre Battle Domain. Be sure to check out our message board (A link is on the menubar). A lot of things are beginning to happen, including the return of, Beta 3 of the RPG, Elemental Wars: Tourney Edition, and a new game in the works by OgreManAnd. If you want to aid in any of the previously mentioned activities, email me as Thanks, and may the Ogre Battle Domain stand true and strong for many more years to come!




[ Back Up]


Well, Ogre Battle Domain is back, but in its older state. Don't worry, its still 100% as functional as the newer OBD, it just doesn't look as nice. There are also alot of dead links, but I am working as hard as I can to fix these. The Ogre Battle Domain lives on!




Gaming Community News

Fight Fight Fight!
Mid deep in a battle, with a character called 'Shiven'. 
Can you stop talking?
Our heroes chatting it up with the foes just prior to battle. Gotta progress the story, ya know.
Pick the right one!
Customizing your party will be a must in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


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